Legacy and Tribute Giving

Sherwood Forest Friends is a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity that can accept charitable donations and legacy bequests to further its mission of protecting our natural areas and the cultural heritage of our forested mountain community.

By making a legacy gift to Sherwood Forest Friends through your will or trust you will help preserve the place you love for generations to come.

If you would like information on taking the next steps, please contact Kirk Friedland, Vice President and Chairman of the Land Conservation Committee, at kirk.friedland@gmail.com.

Seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor concerning your individual tax situation and the tax benefits of making a charitable bequest to Sherwood Forest Friends.

Since its founding, Sherwood Forest Friends has accepted memorial and tribute gifts to honor to those who have contributed significantly to our community.  In the lists that follow, those being honored are in bold print and donors in plain text.


  • Bebbie MacCary
  • Carol Dugger
  • Carol McCullough and David Messer
  • Cathy and Terril Nell
  • Charley and Elke Burden
  • Diana Refsland and Ruthie Zaleon
  • Diane and Randy Rago
  • Fred and Anne Woodworth
  • Gay and Jon Taylor
  • Gwenne Hayes-Stewart
  • Harriet and Ken Walls
  • Helen Gift
  • Jane Kimball
  • Jeff and Denise Figiel
  • Jeff and Maria Berin
  • Jim and Irene Granger
  • Kathy Figiel
  • Larry and Lynn Klein
  • Libby and Jerry Brown
  • Louise and Tom Shirk
  • Marcia Bryant and Diane Wetzel
  • Martha and Ed Bridges
  • Mary and George Wickham
  • Meredith Brooks and Mary Beth Wallace
  • Mr. Lindsay and Dr. Lisa Dibler
  • Paula and Chris Karssiens
  • Peggy Hanson
  • Robert and Elian Magari
  • Sally and Chris MacMillan Gus and Margaret Napier
  • Linda McGehee and Caroline Joe
  • Sally Leonard and Mike Brann
  • Susan and Terrell Weitman
  • Susan Goldsworthy
  • Susan Wilkinson and Thurman Hill
  • Winkie Clark and Deb Rosengranz


In Memory of Sid Schwager

Roz Banks & Marion Latham. Patricia Barmeyer. Libby & Jerry Brown. Charley & Elke Burden. Carol Dugger. Susan Goldsworthy. Bebbie McCary. Gus & Margaret Napier. Cathy & Terril . Diana Refsland & Ruthie Zaleon. Julie Schwager. Mary Wickham.

In Memory of John Aull

Kathy Figiel & Greg Allikas. Martha & Ed Bridges. Charley & Elke Burden. Sally Mateja.

In Memory of Mike Jones

Martha & Ed Bridges

In Memory of Ruth Refsland O’Sullivan

Martha and Ed Bridges

In Memory of Jim Smith
Charley & Elke Burden


Charley Burden – Ruthann McNair and Henry III Lucius

Bill Thomas – Charley and Elke Burden, Libby and Jerry Brown,Denise and Jeff Figiel, Susan Wilkinson and Thurman Hill, Carol McCullough and David Messer

Diana Refsland – Martha and Ed Bridges

Marion Latham, Meredith Brooks & Suzanne Endsley- Chris and Sally MacMillan

Carl and Ruthanne Roberts – Carol McCullough

Colleen Hartmann and Brandi Parker—Carol McCullough and David Messer