Along with conserving land and offering year-round events that inform, entertain and reinforce our organization’s missions, Friends:

  • Supports Sherwood Forest’s Nature Nuts programming with annual grants.  These grants provide honoraria to experts offering presentations on regional flora, fauna, and environmental issues and research.
  • Donated to and secured grants to help build three chimney swift towers in Sherwood Forest (2024, 2021). 
  • Offers an Earth Day donation to an organization which helps the environment.
  • Supported the Sherwood Forest Arboretum with donations of specimens and towards purchasing signage (2024, 2022). 
  • Donated money for wildflower plantings on the Sherwood Forest golf course (2023).
  • Donated funds for furnishings in the newly renovated Robin Hood Center (2023).
  • Donated a sound system to the Sherwood Forest Homeowners’ Association (2023).
  • Provides a Critter Coloring book by Shirl Thomas